Solace in Shooting.

Three Dates


Emily and Paige put some romance into their long distance relationship.

Fandom: Pretty Little Liars

Featuring: Paily - Emily Fields and Paige McCullers

Rating: M (some sexytimes)

Style: Happy, romantic

Word Count: 2,600+

Notes: Takes place in the new Timeline E (“Alison is alive”), set soon after “Starting over”. Emily and Paige are back together, but Emily is at Danby and Paige is at Stanford.

As an Easter treat for everyone, I’ve doing something I don’t normally do. I hope you like it.

One part, entirely from Emily’s point of view.

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Take a chance (4/?)


Part 4! Warning for: sexual content. 

Spencer startled in alarm when her bedroom door was shoved open. She looked up to see Hanna stroll inside. “Hanna! What are you doing here? And what’s so important that you almost had to take my door off it’s hinges?”

“Sex.” Hanna answered simply as she took a seat on Spencer’s bed.

“I appreciate the offer but I’m not really in the mood.” Spencer replied dryly. She shut her open laptop and pushed it to the side, mindful of Hanna’s habit of not paying attention while rolling around on her bed. “Maybe you should ask your girlfriend.”

“No, I mean I need to talk to you about sex.” Hanna crawled over the bed, plonking herself down next to Spencer. “Specifically, lesbian sex.”

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